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The pages that follow help you to practise pronouncing and spelling Russian words. These words are of international currency, and their English counterparts sound similar. Each word is shown the way it looks when printed in capital and small letters, and also in a handwritten version. Click on the "Handwritten Letters" icon to open the table of all letters in handwriting.

As soon as each page of the "Easy Alphabet" has fully loaded you will hear  Aliona (the girl in traditional Russian dress in the photo) reading all the words on the page one after another. You can repeat the words after her in the pauses provided.

She reads the wordlist twice. If you want to play the recording again, just refresh the page.

Russian words don't have a regular stress pattern. To help you say long words correctly, their printed versions have stress marks over the vowel of the stressed syllable.

Handwritten Letters  

When words containing a new letter are introduced, this letter is shown in the right-hand pink margin opposite the words. Click on the letter, if you forget its name, and you will hear it.







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