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Unit 1: Text

Rule 1 The construction K aae..? what is it called?
Rule 2 The verb to live
Rule 3 The Use of the Verb in the Meaning there is/there are
Rule 4 Cardinal and Ordinal Numerals up to 12

Unit 1: Dialogue

Rule 1

Compound Words with Connecting Vowels -- and --

Rule 2

The Conjugation of the Verb o to speak

Unit 2: Text

Rule 1

The Past Tense of the Verb to be

Rule 2

The Prepositional of Place and the Accusative of Direction

Rule 3

Verbs with the Particle -

Unit 2: Dialogue

Rule 1

Adjectival Endings in the Nominative

Rule 2

The Genitive of Nouns: the "OF" Meaning

Rule 3

The Genitive in the Construction "I have..."

Rule 4

The Verb can

Rule 5

The Construction + an Infinitive



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