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New Words

 V. Put words in the brackets in the right form:

Rule 1

  1. B октябре 1905-го года политическая стачка охватила (вся Россия).
  2. Большевики выдвинули лозyнг o передаче (вся власть) Советам.
  3. Эсеры хотели передать (вся земля) крестьянам.
  4. Большевики заняли (все стратегические пункты) Петрограда.
  5. Декрет o земле объявлял o национализации (вся земля).
  6. (Все члены) первого Советского правительства были большевиками.
  7. Война вызвaла развал (всё хозяйство).
  8. Из (все политические партии) только большевики обещaли немедленно прекратить войну.
  9. Митинги и демонстрации проходили во (все крупные города) России.

 VI. Translate into Russian:

Rule 2

  1. Lenin returned to Petrograd on April 3, 1917. Next day he announced his plan of a socialist revolution.
  2. For the whole of the summer of 1917 the situation in the country was extremely unstable.
  3. For the whole of October the Bolsheviks were preparing the armed insurrection.
  4. The insurrection began on October 24. That day the rebels occupied key installations in Petrograd.
  5. The Second Congress of Soviets worked all night.


 VII. Translate into Russian: (a)

Rule 4

  1. In the summer of 1917 a sharp deterioration of economic and military situation leads to a revolutionary explosion in Petrograd.
  2. In the spring "dual power" emerges in Russia.
  3. In the summer a power struggle between the Provisional government and the Petrograd Soviet flares up.
  4. In the autumn the Petrograd Soviet under the leadership of the Bolsheviks takes the power away from the Provisional government.


  1. The armed insurrection began in the morning of October 24.
  2. In the day-time the armed detachments of soldiers and workers seized strategic positions in the capital.
  3. In the evening of October 25 the rebels took the Winter Palace and arrested the ministers of the Provisional government.
  4. Late that night the deputies of the 2nd Congress of Soviets learnt about the victory of the Bolsheviks.



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