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Perhaps there is no other country in which the past weighs so heavily on the present and the future as it does in Russia. Russian history is never simply the account of vanished epochs but a powerful force molding the country's destiny. Russian history is commonly perceived, by Russians and foreigners alike, as something basically different from the norms and standards of the West. This popular view of Russia�s �otherness� is epitomized in Winston Churchill�s famous characterization of Russia as �a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.� Occasionally, misunderstanding of the Russian historical development generates suspicion and mistrust, leading to a tendency to see it as aberration or regard certain periods of Russian history as blind alleys, that served only to lead the country to the periphery of world development.


Over centuries Russia has evolved as a Eurasian power with distinctive historical, economic, and political characteristics, and a way of life different from Western norms. Being open to influences from both the East and the West, Russia has always followed its own path. This site seeks to provide a framework for the understanding of Russian history over the past three hundred years or so. It interprets the Russian development as a fitful but ineluctable advance toward modern ideological, political, social, and economic patterns. The country's eventful journey to modernity began under the tsars, went through the turbulent Soviet period, and continues today, as post-Communist Russia seeks to remodernize in the era of scientific and technological revolution and postmodern society.


Russian leaders' lookalikes ("Nicholas II", "Lenin", and "Putin") in the streets of modern-day Moscow watched by "Karl Marx" from the sidelines

ALLRUSSIAS.COM brings together three main stages of Russian modern and contemporary history: from tsarist to Soviet to post-Soviet. It draws on my long-term interest and research into the subject and the experience of teaching at Coventry University in England. I hope it will help unravel some of Russia's mysteries and be of use to anyone intrigued by this enigmatic Eurasian giant.


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