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Ivan the Fool


The Russian oral tradition has developed in various forms, including fairytales, sayings, proverbs, riddles, catch phrases, tongue twisters, ditties, and childrens games. Russian children are exposed to folklore shortly after birth, as they listen to their first fairytales and nursery rhymes. They learn how fairytale characters come victorious in desperate situations, and how good always wins in the end and evil is defeated. They are captivated by the storys twists and turns and the characters miraculous transformations, when a frog suddenly sheds its skin and turns into a beautiful princess, or when a simple peasant lad crawls in the right ear of a magic horse and then crawls out of its left ear looking like a prince. 

One of the best-known traditional positive characters in Russian fairytales is Ivan the Fool. He is considered by some to be the key to the understanding of the national mentality of Russians. Ivan seems to be the complete opposite of a hero: with plain appearance and simple tastes, he looks like a fool and is often lazy and passive. But at critical moments he acts quickly and decisively, always overcoming all obstacles and outwitting his opponents. His main strength is his kindness and generosity that his selfish and evil opponents take for the signs of weakness and stupidity. They soon discover to their peril that his simple appearance conceals courage and resourcefulness.  

In other common types of fairytales - animal tales - birds and beasts, such as the wolf, the bear, the fox, the crane, the rooster and others, display human characteristics with all human shortcomings and weaknesses. These, largely satirical, stories ridicule stupidity, self-interest, arrogance, and other flaws of human nature.


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