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Tsarist Russia's Paradoxes (1860-1917)

A colossus expanding over one sixth of the earths landmass Ever vulnerable to foreign invasion
One of the worlds largest populations The majority lived in poverty and discontent
Commanded the worlds richest natural resources Its productive forces were severely constricted by the remnants of feudalism
Strove to cement its multiethnic population by systematic Russification This only stimulated nationalist movements
Tried to portray its political system as peoples autocracy The regime was becoming increasingly detached from its people
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Tsarist Russia


Tsarist Russia

Pre-Petrine Russia
Peter the Great
Catherine the Great
Alexander I
Nicholas I
Alexander II
The Revolutionary Movement
Appearance of Marxism
The Last Romanovs
The Birth of Bolshevism
The Revolution of 1905-7
Between Revolutions
The Revolutions of 1917
Interpretations of 1917
The End of an Empire
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