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First Bolshevik Decrees


First Soviet Government: Soviet of Peoples' Commissars

Vladimir Lenin Chairman
Leon Trotsky Peoples' Commissar for Foreign Affairs
Joseph Stalin Peoples' Commissar for Nationalities

First Soviet Decrees

Decree on Land Authorized the redistribution of the gentrys land to the peasantry
Decree on Peace Called on peoples and governments of the belligerent countries to conclude a democratic peace without annexations and indemnities
Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia Right of peoples of Russia of a free self-determination, including secession and formation of a separate state
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The Communist Experiment


Soviet Russia

Understanding the Soviet Period
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The Socialist Experiment
"Great Leap" to Socialism
The USSR in World War II
Stalin's Legacy
Brezhnev's Stagnation
The Economy in Crisis
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The USSR's Collapse

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