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Slavophiles versus Westernizers


The Great Debate of 1830s-1840s

Slavophiles: upheld the supremacy of Russia's cultural and social institutions (the peasant commune, the Orthodox Christianity, old forms of social life and state organisation
Westernizers: argued that Russia was not unique and advanced along the European path; eventually it would close the gap with Western Europe

Ideological Polarisation of the Early 1990s

Communists (traditionalists): Russias own way based on its Soviet and pre-Soviet past
Democrats (reformers): radical liberal solutions based on Western economic and political patterns
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Russian Mentality Paradoxes

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Russian Federation

The "Catching up" Cycles
"Non-organic" Reforms
Great Leap to Capitalism
Russia's Privatization
Deformed Capitalism
Coping with Transition
The Yeltsin Era
Yeltsin's Legacy
Putin's Plan
Russian Federalism
The Chechen Problem
"Deprivatizing" the State
First and Second Dumas
Third and Fourth Dumas
Civil Society
"Controlled" Democracy

Post-Soviet Geopolitics

Paradoxes of Russian Mentality
Economy under Putin
The Putinite Order
Putin's Choice
People Speak (Opinion Polls)
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