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Russia's Transition

1985-1991 Gorbachev's Perestroika: a last-ditch attempt to renovate socialism and save the Soviet Union
1991 The Soviet Union is dissolved. The Russian Federation emerges as its main successor state. In addition, 14 new independent states  are formed on Russia's former imperial fringes
1992-1999 Yeltsin's liberal reforms: the foundations for the command economy and the one-party dictatorship are dismantled  and the institutional framework of a capitalist democracy is established
2000-2008 Putin's "neo-authoritarian stabilisation": a stabilisation of the political and economic order


Medvedev's attempt to shift towards a moderate state-shaped modernisation process, accompanied by a constrained liberal democratisation project
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"Managed" Democracy

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Russian Federation

The "Catching up" Cycles
"Non-organic" Reforms
Great Leap to Capitalism
Russia's Privatization
Deformed Capitalism
Coping with Transition
The Yeltsin Era
Yeltsin's Legacy
Putin's Plan
Russian Federalism
The Chechen Problem
"Deprivatizing" the State
First and Second Dumas
Third and Fourth Dumas
Civil Society
"Controlled" Democracy

Post-Soviet Geopolitics

Paradoxes of Russian Mentality
Economy under Putin
The Putinite Order
Putin's Choice
People Speak (Opinion Polls)
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