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Dear Leonid Ilyich


Brezhnev addresses public on TV:
- There are some malicious rumours in Moscow that my guard drives a dummy in my car instead of me. I have to say these are dirty lies! They drive me instead of a dummy!


Brezhnev's mother came to visit her son.
`This is my house,' said Brezhnev, showing her around. `And this is my car. And that's my swimming pool. And this' he shows her some photographs `is my second house. And this is my aeroplane. And this is my villa on the Black Sea. And this is my yacht.'
His mother gasps in wonder.
`You do live well, Lyonechka,' she says. `But I am nervous for you. What if the Bolsheviks* come back?'

Brezhnev and Napoleon meet in the next world.
`Oh-h-h, if only we'd had such a brilliant commander as yourself in the Soviet Union instead of Stalin,' Brezhnev says to Napoleon, `then we wouldn't have allowed Hitler to cross our threshold.'
`And if I had newspapers like your Pravda,' says Napoleon, `not a soul would have heard about Waterloo.'

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