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At Easter, Brezhnev is walking in the Kremlin when he is greeted with the traditional, Christ has risen! Brezhnev nods and walks on. Again someone says, Christ has risen! And Brezhnev answers: I know, its already been reported to me.

Brezhnev comes to address a big Communist party meeting and says: Dear comrades imperialists,
Everyone sits up trying to understand what he said. Brezhnev tries again: Dear comrades imperialists,
By now everyones in shock - was he trying to call them imperialists?
Then, an advisor walks over and points to the speech for Brezhnev.
Oh... he mumbles and starts again: Dear comrades, imperialists are everywhere...

Brezhnev yells at his speech-writers,
- You idiots! I've asked for a speech that would last 15 minutes, and you wrote one I had to read for an hour!!!
- So sorry, comrade Brezhnev, but we did what you asked for, only we printed 4 copies..

Brezhnev, already senile, addresses the party bureau meeting after a funeral of an important party member:
- I can understand why your faces are so sore. I can understand why you have no taste in clothes and wear those horrid suits. But what I cannot understand is your poor upbringing! When the music started playing, I was the only one who guessed to invite a lady for a dance!

Brezhnev addressed a group of cosmonauts:
- The Americans are going to the Moon, and you, Comrades, will go to the Sun!
- But how??? We'll burn alive in there!
- Do now worry, comrades, the Party found a solution! You will fly at night!

Brezhnev reads a speech at the Winter Olympics "O-O-O-O-O." "No," his aide whispers to him, "that's the Olympic logo."

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