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Dear Leonid Ilyich


Q: What can you say about Brezhnev's eye-brows?
A: It's a Stalin moustache raised to a new level.

Brezhnev's grandson is sitting on his lap. Brezhnev asks him what he wants to be when he grows up. He says that he wants to be General Secretary of the Communist Party. Brezhnev pauses for a seconded and then growls, "why do we need two?"

Q: Do you know why there was an earthquake in Moscow?
A: Yep. Brezhnev jacket with all the medals fell from his chair.

Morning newspaper report: 'Central Committee of the Communist Party, Political Bureau, and the Council of Ministers inform that after a long a devastating disease, without ever regaining consciousness, Leonid Brezhnev returned to work'.

Somewhere in the halls of Kremlin Brezhnev meets Suslov, and Suslov asks:
- How come you have different shoes? Why's one black and the other's yellow?
- You see, I noticed that too, wanted to change to a different pair, but the only one I had left was also odd - one show was yellow, and the other one black...

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