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Dear Leonid Ilyich


Brezhnev calls Nixon to tell him of a dream he saw: a red communist flag flying over the White House.
Next day Nixon calls Brezhnev to tell of his dream,
- Leonid, I've seen a red flag above the Kremlin!
- But it is the way we have it now!
- Not sure.. the one I've seen in my dream had some Chinese writing on it!

Brezhnev had a nightmare: a Czech was sitting in Red Square eating matzos with chopsticks.

To sum up the Russians' experience with political leaders thus far: Lenin showed how a country can be ruled; Stalin showed how a country should be ruled; Khrushchev showed that any moron can rule a country; Brezhnev showed that not just any moron can rule a country.

Karl Marx wishes to address the public on the radio in the USSR. Brezhnev says to him:
- You are the founder of communism, but honestly I cannot make that decision myself, we need to gather the soviets..
Marx begs,
- I'll only say one sentence! Please!
Brezhnev allows him to do so, and Marx says,
- Proletarians of all the countries, I'M SORRY!

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