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"Comrades, we have run out of track!"


Gorbachev is in his residence, enjoying a day off from work with his wife Raisa. In the morning, still in his underwear, he gets up, walks up to the balcony and goes out in the open.
- Dear, come back here and put some pyjamas on - his wife says.
- What.. Raisa, you can see me from two rooms apart?
- No, I'm listening to Radio Free Europe.

A train is travelling through Siberia when it comes to the end of the track, as the line has not been completed. How do different Soviet leaders react?
- Stalin has the driver and guard shot.
- Khrushchev has them repatriated.
- Brezhnev orders all the curtains closed and gets the Red Army to push the train carriages from side to side to give the appearance of motion
- Gorbachev runs up and down outside the train banging on the windows shouting "Comrades, we have run out of track!"

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