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Putin and Lukashenko

Jokesters generally give Putin high marks for his foreign policy successes (especially in comparison to other presidents, such as Ukraine's unpopular Leonid Kuchma):
Putin is flying in a plane with Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko. Lukashenko asks
"If we die in a plane crash, where would they shed more tears - in Russia or Belarus?"
"In Ukraine."
"Kuchma is not with us!"

Another joke made fun of President Yushchenko of Ukraine, who simply tapped into - "stole", the Russians said - gas destined for Western Europe flowing through the pipelines, when Russia cut supplies of natural gas to his country.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is roasting Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko on a spit, working up a sweat as he rotates the spit as fast as he can.
'Why are you turning him so quickly?'
'I have to, otherwise Yushchenko will steal the coals.'

Russians also like to compare their president to the American president. One such joke plays off of the idea that everything in Russia is the opposite of the way it works in the rest of the world.

"Bush won the elections to start a war. Putin started a war to win the elections."

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