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  • during the 1990s Russia was becoming more integrated into the global economy than the Soviet Union had been (see Tables above)

  • trade went from 17% of GDP in 1990 to 48% in 2004

  • most of this trade was with Europe, and not with the former Soviet states

  • by 2005 the Commonwealth of Independent States only accounted for 15% of Russias exports and 23% of its imports

  • Russias charge into the global market was led by the energy sector

  • Russias comparative advantage in the contemporary global economy lies in energy and energy-intensive industries such as metals and chemicals

  • oil and gas accounted for 61% of Russias export earnings in 2005, with the value of exports tripling from $76 billion in 1999 to $241 billion in 2005

  • manufactures account for only 8% of Russias exports

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