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Out of three Russians, one trusts the President, another one - no one


The poll was taken on 17 March 2005.

During all Russian survey carried out by Research Holding ROMIR Monitoring respondents were asked to rate governmental and public institutions they trust. 1500 respondents from over 100 rural and urban areas of Russia participated in this survey.

Respondents were asked the following question:

What governmental institutions do you mostly trust?

Answers were split as follows (Since multiple answer was allowed, total score is more than 100%):

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According to survey results, the first place was shared between the President (34%) and the so called candidate against all referred to none in the above diagram (33%). 16% of respondents trust the church, 14% - the army, 8% - the government, 7% (each) - the trade unions and media, 5% - the law authorities. State parliament (DUMA) and local authorities were supported by 4% each, whilst the Federation Council and political parties by 2% each.

As it follows from the answers split by the federal districts, the President enjoys the greatest trust among the population of North West region 40%, while the lesser trust was expressed by the residents of Siberia (29%). Compared to other regions, top scores were gained by Far East, viz. church - 27%, trade unions 13%, law authorities 8%, and the same percentage of participants trusts State Parliament and local authorities. Army enjoys higher trust scores in Near Volga than elsewhere, government - in South region (11%), media in Siberia (13%). The share of those who trust none is highest in the Central region - 39%.

Respondents of pension age expressed the most trust in the President (36%), the church (19%) and the army (16%), yet they have less trust, compared the other age bins, in the law authorities (4%) and deputies of State Parliament (3%). Young people aged 18 24 (35%) are also inclined to trust the President. Apart from that, they score the government (9%), mass media (11%) and law authorities (7%) higher than other respondents.

Source: Romir

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