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Every second Russian does not believe in honesty of the authorities


The poll was taken on 31 October 2005.

Do the Russians trust state institutions, do they consider them honest? This question was included into October opinion poll conducted by ROMIR Monitoring. All-Russia opinion poll embraced 1600 respondents aged 18 and above from more than 100 Russian cities and towns. The sample is representative of the adult population of Russia and error margin does not exceed 2,5%.

The wording of the question was the following:

Which of the following state institutions can be called honest? (%)

The results are given below, (multiple answers were possible, so total is not 100%):


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Above half of Russian citizens (52%) do not trust any state institution. The respondents from cities with population 500 thousand 1 mln people a bit more often than on whole in the sample mentioned dishonesty of main state institutions (58%). The respondents aged 35-44 a bit more often said that none of the state power structures can be considered honest. The same opinion was expressed by the participants of the survey with higher education (55%) and high income level (52%).

So, what state institutions can be called honest then? The research showed that every third respondent (30%) considers President to be honest. This variant was chosen a bit more often than on whole in the sample by the respondents from North-West federal district (37%). As to the Far East federal district only every fifth respondent (21%) trusts President it is the smallest share in the sample. In towns with population less than 100 thousand people the share of those who consider President honest is a bit larger than in the other types of settlements (35%). Head of State is called honest mainly by women (33%), pensioners (38%) and the respondents with primary education (37%).

Supreme Court is trusted by every tenth Russian respondent (10%). In Siberia federal district a bit larger share of the respondents(14%) than on an average in Russia trusts this power institution. A bit more often than on whole in the sample Supreme Court was named honest and unprejudiced by the Russians living in towns with population less than 100 thousand people (13%) and by the respondents aged 25-34.

The other state institutions enjoy far less trust among Russian population, not more than 10% of the respondents can call them honest and fair. So, only 6% of those surveyed mentioned honesty of General Prosecutors Office, and 5% consider Government to be honest, while Federation Council and State Duma are trusted by 3% and 2% of the respondents respectively.

Source: Romir

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