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  • Putins style was anti-political and technocratic
  • confronted by the need to reconcile conflicting interests and views, he proved a highly adept politician
  • Putin was able to reconcile policies and groups that in an earlier era would have been in conflict, notably the working class and the middle class
  • enduring and astonishingly high levels of Putins popularity barely dipped lower than 70% throughout his two terms
  • he was able to provide solutions to the challenges facing Russia
  • these solutions may not have been ideal from the perspective of democratic theory, but they allowed a stabilisation of the political order
  • Putin was a transitional leader; his leadership represented a distinctive type of neo-authoritarian stabilisation
  • the system that he built was inherently contradictory: it did not repudiate the democratic principles of the new constitutional order, but it did not allow the full potential of the democratic order to emerge

The Debate over Sovereign Democracy (Vladislav Surkov)

  • the free play of societal political competition was restrained, but the principles of pluralism were not repudiated
  • the concept also provided the ideological justification for greater self-reliance in international affairs
  • it conveyed greater confidence in the countrys ability to solve its problems on its own terms

Favourable Economic Climate

  • state capture by the oligarchs was repudiated and relations between the state and big business were normalised
  • Russia took advantage of the commodity-price boom of the early twenty-first century
  • the price of a barrel of oil rose from $18 a barrel in 1998 to above $100 in early 2008
  • Russia as the worlds second largest supplier enjoyed healthy budget surpluses
  • it was able to build up significant reserves as well as creating a Stabilisation Fund
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