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Pre-Nineteenth-Century Russia

The Revolutionary Masses

9th century Emergence of Kievan Rus
988  Kievan Rus adopts Christianity as its state religion
1237 Mongol invasion
1480 End of Mongol yoke
1497 Law Code for the first time limits the peasantís freedom of movement from one squire to another
1598-1613 ĎTime of Troublesí: period of dynastic crisis
1613  Romanov dynasty established
1649 Tsar Alexisí Law Code marks culmination of the process of enserfment of the peasant
1682-1725 Reign of Peter I
1695-96 Azov military campaign against the Crimean Tartarts and the Turks
1697-98 Peterís grand tour of the West
1700-21 Northen War against Sweden
1711   Governing Senate established
1714  Peter Iís decree confers hereditary status on manors of service nobility
1721 Peter assumes title of emperor
1722 Table of Ranks introduced
1762 Compulsory service for the nobility abolished
1762-96 Reign of Catherine the Great
1767 Convocation of Legislative Commission
1773 Pugachev revolt
1785 Charter of the Nobility codifies exclusive privileges of landowning gentry
1790 Publication of A. Radishchevís Journey from St Petersburg to Moscow
1796-1801 Reign of Paul I
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Tsarist Russia

Pre-Petrine Russia
Peter the Great
Catherine the Great
Alexander I
Nicholas I
Alexander II
The Revolutionary Movement
Appearance of Marxism
The Last Romanovs
The Birth of Bolshevism
The Revolution of 1905-7
Between Revolutions
The Revolutions of 1917
Interpretations of 1917
The End of an Empire
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