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Maps of Tsarist Russia





The Kievan Rus in 11th Century

Expansion of Muscovy:    1462-1560

The Growth of Russia:     1300-1796 





Present-Day Russia

Russian Empire under     Peter the Great

The Crimean War





The Russo-Japanese War: 1904-5

The Russian Empire in 1913

The Expansion of the Russian  Empire: 1613-1914





European Russia in the Early 20th Century

Europe and Asia in the Early 20th Century

Russian Empire the Early 20th Century





North Polar Chart: Early 20th Century

Europe in the Early 20th Century

The Russian and British Empires

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Tsarist Russia

Pre-Petrine Russia
Peter the Great
Catherine the Great
Alexander I
Nicholas I
Alexander II
The Revolutionary Movement
Appearance of Marxism
The Last Romanovs
The Birth of Bolshevism
The Revolution of 1905-7
Between Revolutions
The Revolutions of 1917
Interpretations of 1917
The End of an Empire
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